A Taste of Russia: The Story of Success

The history of A Taste of Russia started at October, 1997 when founders of the company, Igor and Inna Trotchine, arrived in Peterborough. In December 1997 the first café opened and the owners began to introduce East European cuisine to Peterborough.

A breakthrough event occurred in May 2000 when Igor and Inna joined the Peterborough Wednesday Downtown Market. Following great response from the public, in June 2000 they also joined Peterborough Saturday District Market.

On July 1, 2000 the official name A Taste of Russia was introduced during traditional multicultural celebrations on Canada Day in Peterborough.

In 2007 A Taste of Russia extended their business further in Eastern Ontario and opened their booth in the Belleville Farmers Market.

In May 2009 the booth A Taste of Russia at the Oshawa's Farmer's Market became a popular stop for the market-goers.

The company was federally incorporated in March 2008.

A Taste of Russia has started a new venture in 2008. The idea is to bring a spirit of farmers market to the shopping malls. A Taste of Russia successfully set up twice a week sale of their products in Peterborough Square and Portage Place Mall as well as twice a week sale in Quinte Mall in Belleville.

Since 2000, A Taste of Russia has participated on a regular basis in special events such as Canada Day Multicultural Food Fair, Peterborough Folk Festival, and International Short Film Festival as well as in Peterborough and Belleville community events.

A Taste of Russia is indeed a local business, specializing in authentic, home-cooked cuisine and the company's main goal is to re-introduce Eastern-European cuisine as a part of Canadian culture.

As a part of the Farmer's Market family, A Taste of Russia has created strong relations with local farmers, supporting their businesses and development as well. These farmers supply all major ingredients used in A Taste of Russia's products.

A Taste of Russia thanks all of their loyal customers for the great support and invites you to join in the spirit of their passion.